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I am extremely grateful to be an ambassador for Saracen Horse Feeds.  I have fed Saracen for approximately 15 years, using their whole performance range, and in particular Releve which is a cereal free feed for competition horses, providing all the protein and nutrients that the horses need to perform, without making them silly, and hugely reducing the risks of tying up and other starch related problems. This has been a brilliant feed for Doonaveeragh Emma who can be very hot if fed a high starch diet, whereas Releve provides her with everything she needs without making her hot.  We also use Equi-jewel for all our youngsters, and for any horses that lack condition or top-line.  Equi-jewel is a high fat feed which provides slow-release energy and helps horses gain condition without making them silly. I use Competition Fit Cubes for Kvint when he is competing and Cooling Mix with Herbs or Livery Pencils for the horses that are in medium work.  The youngsters start on a very low amount of hard feed, probably chaff and sugar beet, which is supplemented by Stamm 30, an excellent all round feed-balancer and Equi-jewel to help maintain condition.  Depending on temperament and work I then introduce Releve or Livery Pencils as their work level increases.


STRIDE Management


I am really lucky to be supported by Jess Crofts and Pippa Hawksfield of Stride Management.  Both have years of working in the Equestrian World, Jess in  PR, Marketing  and Equestrian Journalism,  and Pippa not only  competes in Show Jumping and Eventing herself but also has been part of the support team for two GBR Youth Team members for many years.  They have a complete understanding of what it takes to compete at a high level and of marketing and PR, so make the perfect link between these two worlds.


MacWet Gloves

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I am so pleased to be supported by MacWet Gloves, who keep me well stocked up with their fantastic gloves. I have used MacWet gloves for almost 10 years now and wouldn’t used any other gloves whatever the weather. I am never too hot, or too cold, and I never, ever lose my grip on the reins in these excellent gloves.

precision solutions international

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I am absolutely thrilled to be sponsored by Precision Solutions International who supply me with their all-in-one leg solution, which is an innovative formula developed specifically for the sport horse. It is the first of it’s kind that targets the joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, hooves and bone.

I have been using this solution on my top two horses, Doonaveeragh Emma and Kvint since they came back into work on 1st November, and have been very impressed with how fantastic they feel, and how well they presented at their annual veterinary check-up. I very much look forward to working with Precision over the coming season and very much appreciate the support they are giving me and the horses.



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As a member of The Breen Team I am lucky enough to receive support from Horse Pilot. The Horse Pilot breeches are the best breeches I have ever worn, a brilliant fit, not slippery and the white ones never go transparent, and a great range of colours and proper winter breeches for the cold weather.  The Horse Pilot casual jackets are really second to none, really attractive and warm when they are meant to be and waterproof when they are meant to be. They have a very good range of casual tops and are definitely an excellent addition to any equestrian wardrobe.


just equine

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I am very grateful to receive support from Just Equine Ltd who stock a range of the type of really high quality brands such as Kentucky Horsewear, Bombers Bits, Equine America and Dy'On that we all need to stay at the top of our game. I have been so impressed with the quality of the Kentucky Horsewear, Bombers Bits and other products that Justin at Just Equine has supplied me with. Justin has an in-depth knowledge of that is invaluable in helping choose the best products for our sport.