Sunshine Tour Week One

Three hard days of driving and finally we arrived at Montenmedeo at 4 on Friday. Lovely Brian Cassidy and Tommy Kennedy helped Gemma and I set up the stables. Much excitement followed as there were four stallions in the stables behind us who started climbing over the walls. Emma isn't that sort of girl and was climbing out of the front. The alternative stables also had stallions behind so we won and the stallions were moved!

Gemma and I arrived with miserable colds which we have kindly shared. Luckily the Spanish drugs are massively stronger than English ones and we are on the mend. 

The horses all settled in quickly and recovered well from the journey. They all trotted up after a fashion and the babies started jumping on Tuesday. The 5 year olds is about 1.05 at the beginning but lovely courses and Lima just had one down which was my fault. She actually went better on Wednesday but had 2 down and was a bit wild and worried on Thursday Culana Z is jumping HC in the five year olds as the 6 year olds are 1.20. She was spooky on Tuesday, a bit naughty on Wednesday and did a lovely clear on  Thursday. They both had a school on grass this morning and felt good. 

Luendi and Emma started jumping in Friday. We started small 1.10 for Luendi who was a bit fresh and had one down and 1.20 for Emma who was placed. Luendi was clear in the 1.20 on Saturday and Emma was 10th in a very big 1.30. One down for Luendi in a good round today and double clear and 19th for Emma in the 1.30. She is such a star and a lovely little horse.

Gemma has been a total star, the horses look great and she is quiet and lovely with lots of attention to detail which is really important to me.  

It has been lovely to have Mark and my great friend Pippa Green out here for three days. Lots of moral support and nice dinners out. I think we're off to a reasonable start the biggest glitch being that the, hot water in the lorry isn't working but luckily the show showers are hot and super clean. I have a great little apartment in the old town in Vejer. Interesting electricity but who needs to use the kettle and the washing machine at the same time?

I'm looking forward to week two. Luendi will stay at 1.20 and maybe Emma will step up to the 1.35's and 1.40 GP next week depending on what the boss says. The babies will do their best. They are learning manners and lots about life regardless and I am lucky to have two good older horses to make the weekends competitive. We are lucky to have great coats and smart numnahs from Horsezone UK and that Saracen Feeds delivered the food down to the show saving us a lot of space. It was great to see Mark Weaver and Cobie from Saracen on Tuesday. 

In the stables below us there is somewhat surprisingly a pet  goat with its own dog basket. Apparently it travelled in the living of a lorry. Really not feeling at all mad compared to this.  

This is the only show I've been to where you can have a manicure whilst watching the Grand Prix - brilliant idea and now I've got fabulous pink nails - so much happier. 

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