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On June 16, 2013 by Sarah Lewis

Sadly Ferro picked up a mild virus at Windsor, which manifested itself in three fat legs and a very stiff back, so she had a very quiet week, while I took the other two to Felbridge to jump in familiar surroundings in case Windsor had unnerved them. Not a bit of it, their self-importance was greater than ever. I then jumped all three on the grass at Royal Leisure. Fabulous going on a sunny day, but perhaps Ferro wasn’t quite back to herself as she just missed qualifying for the R&R Stevenson Grade C Championship at The South of England Show. We then had a very successful day at Pyecombe where both Emma and Biscuit were placed in the Foxhunter and Ferro jumped well in the 1.30 apart from a cheeky spook at the water. Note to self: do not miss her – she has been pretty good to me over the years but does not like rude questions.

Biscuit Pyecombe

Biscuit Pyecombe

After Windsor the horses had a couple of quiet days while I went back to work. I am working for Chloe Breen at Breen Equestrian and we are busy creating a new website. On the 7th May I nervously suggested that it would be a good idea to launch the site in time for the Hickstead Derby show. To my surprise/shock everyone agreed so it has been really full speed ahead to get everything done, and many thanks to Blue Print Design,, because it looks as though some seriously good team work get a seemingly impossible task done.

I was really looking forward to the South of England show. Nice weather and perfect going on the first day was encouraging. I jumped Ferro in the 1.25, not hurrying her as we had bigger plans for the next day. As is sometimes the way in speed classes, although a slow clear won’t win them it will get you a prize, in this case 5th.

I was a bit nervous in the Foxhunter, a combination of lots of people I know watching and wanting to do well. As a result both horses jumped well in spite of me rather than because of me. Friday started dry, but at 9 o’clock the heavens opened for two hours turning the ground to mush. Biscuit is always brave and has hunted so I jumped her first, she was magnificent and jumped double clear, and Emma followed to finish 5th, another really brave round. However, I decided that I would keep Ferro for another day. It was better to regret not jumping than to wish I hadn’t jumped her.

I had one lesson with Shane in preparation for Hickstead. It seemed to be a warm-up for the Speed Derby – mainly gates, planks and simulated water ditches, but they all rose to the challenge with huge enthusiasm, so maybe next year!

Hopefully I am all set for Hickstead – my favourite show of the year. The Breen website will be launched and hopefully I won’t! Yesterday I went to Farnham Town Show, mainly to have a last practice on grass for Ferro. It didn’t start very auspiciously as I hit the deck from Ferro in the 1.10 clear round. But once I had recovered from a slight “hissy fit” and a very muddy bottom I got my act together. Emma won the Foxhunter with Biscuit second and Mark Dorgan and I shared first prize in the 1.30 having decided not to jump off so close to Hickstead.