Autumn & Sophie runs to the beat

On October 28, 2012 by Sarah Lewis

I had a very interesting five days at HOYS with the Old Lodge team. The three Old Lodge horses were all fairly green at the level expected and acquitted themselves well, especially Lord of Arabia who was placed in two International classes, but Zanzibar and Golden Hawk also confirmed that they are really exciting prospects for the future.
Once Arena UK was over Emma had her shoes off and went straight out in the field. Ferro had the week off, and David Simpson had possible clients for Biscuit so she stayed in work for another week, and I managed to fit in one day of Autumn Hunting with Homer before going to HOYS with Old Lodge. It is a long time since I have been lucky enough to ride a made hunter – what a treat! Although Biscuit went absolutely beautifully when she was tried the clients decided not to buy a horse at all, and so she joined Emma in the field. They are very happy out together, looking muddy and woolly now. Sadly the usual Indian Summer never materialised, but they still seem to have done well and they have certainly had a proper break, both physically and mentally. They will stay out until the beginning of December and then come slowly back into work.

Having been away for five fairly intensive days it was lovely to come home.  Ferro came back into work for a few more weeks, so that she could finish the season quietly on a hopefully

I have had some fantastic days Autumn hunting on Homer, and lent him to my friend Sarah-Jane Tillard for a very good morning of hedge-hopping round Horne. He is the most fantastic hunter, beautifully mannered and a really good, careful jumper as well, so I will enjoy him for as long as possible before hehappy note. She and I both had our backs looked at by Caitlin McCaffery, Ferro for maintenance as she has jumped some pretty intensive rounds this year, and me because since I fell on my head in February I have increasingly been getting headaches. Ferro made a lot less fuss than me, but I do feel much better as a result. Ferro has just jumped a couple of 1.20 classes at Felbridge and Crofton, quietly and nicely and had a lovely morning’s Autumn hunting before being turned away for a month.

finds a new home. At only six, and already a really made hunter he would be a real joy in any hunting country. He was like a flying machine at the opening meet yesterday. Trail hunting is done so cleverly now, managing to be significantly different from drag hunting in that trails are laid in the woods as well as in the open, over all types of country – not just good jumping country, and in short bursts so that the hounds sometimes have to be cast again to find the scent. In this way it not only provides excellent fun for those who want to gallop and jump, but still is very interesting for those who love to watch hounds work.

Today was all about a completely different sport as we went to the O2 to watch Sophie run in the Run to the Beat half marathon. She has trained really hard and also was amongst the top fund raisers for Leukaemia and Lymphoma (the main charity for the race). 18,500 runners set out in the most freezing cold weather and we managed to spot Sophie at the 1 mile point, the 8 mile point (right at the top of Blackheath) and then at the finish. Anna, Mark, Alex and I were incredibly hungry having walked about 5 miles, Sophie did so well to manage the whole 13 in a very respectable time, and having run up some very serious hills, including right to the top of Greenwich Park. She recovered in very good time and we all had a really delicious Sunday lunch at Grumbles in Pimlico.

Done it!

Done it!